Most brokers will give you an HR tool.
We focus on providing you with a comprehensive HR solution provided by our partner, ThinkHR.




ThinkHR Live is a team of experienced HR experts that are standing by to offer immediate and actionable guidance or perform follow-up research on your workforce management issues


ThinkHR Comply is rich with information and tools, templates and checklists based on industry practices and the collective wisdom from tens of thousands of companies like yours.


ThinkHR Learn has more than 200 online courses across a range of topics to help you develop employees and create a winning environment. Use the tracking and reporting for compliance and certifications.


ThinkHR Insights
offers insights into HR best practices and educational opportunities provided to you through your business relationship with us. These include:

• Free HRCI webinars
• White papers
• State and federal compliance alerts
• Newsletters with insights into HR laws, regulations and best practices


More than 60,000 U.S. businesses rely on ThinkHR for expert answers and second opinions on important HR compliance matters every day. In a world of increasing complexity for businesses of all shapes and sizes, ThinkHR is the most experienced and qualified entity to help you with these challenges.