Human Resource Solutions

  • LukeJackson SHRM certified consultants, readily available on demand  to assist you with human resource inquiries, projects, investigations, compliance, and best practice solutions, custom designed for your specific company’s needs.  Additionally providing access to a library of personnel documents, human resource forms and best practice literature based on the specific inquiry.
  • On-site outsourced HR support and management services*
  • On-site Assessments of Human Resource functions, practice and compliance involving the lifecycle of the associate.
  • Legal compliance and consistent law updates.
  • Developing and revising Employer’s handbooks, policies and procedures, focusing on best practice solutions.
  • Establishing best practices for your organization to manage the lifecycle of an employee: hiring, training and development, performance evaluations and exit interviewing.
  • Employee and management training human resource courses.

Note*: Some services require additional fees