Our Strategy

Our team of professionals works as an extension of your own management team. We create a strategy that is uniquely yours and encompasses your associates, your financials and your current and future goals. Our highly skilled professionals are strategic thinkers and certified experts in their practice, and their goal is to help you execute a successful plan. Our team has the qualities that are unique in this industry: creative, responsive,  proactive and cutting edge thinkers.

Assess & Analyze

What specific areas does your company need assistance? At LukeJackson, our professional team sits with your management team to analyze where the pain points are and how we can address them.

Goals & Objectives

Our professionals look at your unique goals and objectives. Is it to attract and retain more associates? Is it to lower the cost of health care? Is it to offer voluntary benefits? A company’s goals and objectives are distinctive and must be examined to create a strategic plan that works for your company.

Strategy & Design

Once we access your current needs, goals and objectives, we shape a benefits and human resources strategy that is exclusive to your company, professional team and future. Our team continually gathers input from your management staff, so our road map delivers what you distinctively need.

Employee Engagement

Our professionals work hand in hand with you to execute this roadmap and assist you in engaging your associates in benefit education, enrollment, and human resource compliance. The team goal is to achieve the highest level of employee engagement for the success of your company and the embodiment of your associates.

Compliance & HR Best Practice

Our certified team partners with your company to ensure that your practices are in compliance with federal and state laws and best practice initiatives. The regulatory compliance burden is getting heavier and more complex every day. Whether it be COBRA, FMLA, ADA, ACA and continual IRS and Labor Law changes, the landscape is ever changing. Our team is continually aware of your everyday challenges to stay in compliance and we are there to proactively assist you.